February 23, 2009

Earl Minier & Gene Minier


I just ran across your blog about the 109th Engineers. How exciting! My grandfather (Earl Minier) was a major for that unit (he retired as a Lt. Col, and passed away in 1989) -- and my uncle, Gene was also a member from 1939 until he was killed in 1944 near Anzio. Gene graduated from Brookings high in 1939 -- and joined the guard to serve in his father's unit before Pearl Harbor. I assume that Cliff is your father? Gene and Cliff would have to have known each other very well. And your father must have known my grandfather too.

I found the listing about Gene to be quite interesting -- (as we really don't know much about him. In fact I was unaware of him being carried out after being hit -- in fact, the story I always heard was little different ). Any documentation of service for both Gene and Earl ended up with my Aunts --so I don't know a lot of the details. (And I am guessing that most military records were destroyed in the St. Louis fire?) I would love to share what little I have with you. Are you still active with your blog? Can I submit information to you for posting?

Jeff Minier


Craig and Cliff,

Fantastic! I can’t wait to hear from you Cliff. My own father was born in 1939 – and has no memory of Gene. His sisters were a bit older – but as children, they really don’t have many interesting memories they can share with me about him – especially nothing about the 109th/34th division. My grandfather always told stories – mostly about politics in Brookings – but some about his time in WWII. At the time, I was really too young to know enough to pay attention and to listen carefully to what he said. I had hoped that one day, I would learn the entire chronology of the 109th/34thdivision, where the men went, what they saw, what they endured, but it’s been a bit difficult to find this information.

As for me, I can’t begin to describe the respect and love I feel for my uncle, my grandfather and the men of 34th division. To be honest, I get a little teary-eyed already thinking about having the opportunity to correspond with you, Cliff.

I can’t wait.


Jeff Minier

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