July 12, 2010

WW1 and WW2 era helmets

Hello Gentlemen,

I collect WW1 and WW2 era helmets and militaria.  When I removed the liner frame(it didn't have a liner) from a recently acquired US M1917A1 helmet, I found some black markings inside the helmet that appear to read "109 ENG.".  There are other markings but unfortunately time has worn them away.  I posted pictures of my new helmet in one of my favorite military forums, and a kind gentleman there pointed me to your blog.  I've enjoyed what I've read of your blog and I thought you may be interested in my helmet's markings.  Does this helmet look like a lid from the 109th?  I've attached the pictures that I have.
Thanks for your time.

-Jason Jensen

Clif Hullinger

Hi Jason:   I joined the 109th Engineers, a National Guard unit in South Dakota in 1939.   We had the old WW-I uniforms and helmets at that time. The wrap leggings, broad rim campaign hats and the whole bit.  We still had the same equipment when we mobilized in Jan. 1941 and went to Camp Claibourne, LA.  During the summer we started getting WW-II clothing and I think were issued the new helmets in the fall of 1941 about the time of Pearl Harbor but I am not sure of that.  They were a lot more useful and a big improvement and we were glad to get rid of the old ones. Better protection for the back of the neck and ears etc. We could use them as a seat when in mud or snow and could take out the liners and make a fair washbasin out of the metal part. By time we got to North Africa, we had a string mesh over them which supposedly served to soften the outline or reflection but probably did more for our morale than for our safety!     

      Your Model 1917 helmet is probably one of those we dumped in 1941. Or it could have been excess equipment left behind in the SD National Guard units when we mobilized.  

Clif Hullinger
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July 8, 2010

34th Infantry Division Association Newsletter

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Current Forces News

The 'Ryder Brigade Combat Team' - otherwise known as the 2/34 BCT of the 34th Infantry Division and the Iowa National Guard - is NOW preparing to deploy to Afghanistan. Two of its units you well remember from World War II: the 1st Battalion, 133rd Infantry and the 1st Battalion, 168th Infantry.
They are now publishing the Ryder Dispatch newsletters online. PDF downloadable files are available for March and April-May 2010.JUN

Red Bull Veterans Search Forum

The message forums which supported searches for our veterans have been taken offline. It has become an impractical task to proper edit and organize entries for such a search directory in this one-man operation.  2010.JUN


The Summer 2010 National Association Newsletter is now online and downloadable as a PDF file. It includes the membership form and registration/program information for the 9th-12th September reunion in Iowa. 2010.MAY
You will also find below new sections of information for the Council Bluffs Chapter and Des Moines Chapter and registration/program information for the 12th-16th July Tri-State ChapterChapter reunion. 2010.JUN


Featured Items

135th Infantry Regiment in World War II

A new collection of the 1941-1945 histories of the 135th Infantry Regiment is now online and presented in our history section. 2010.JAN

168th Infantry Regiment in North Africa

A report by Col. Thomas Drake, commanding the 168th Infantry Regiment in Tunisia, was recently uncovered at the Iowa Gold Star Military Museum. This was his official report of the actions leading up to the capture of much of the Regiment in February 1943. It is now available here as a PDF file, 6.5 MB, Tunisian Operations, 168th Infantry.
In accepting Col. Drake's report, Major General Charles Ryder wrote on 1 May 1945:
"Knowing the conditions, I can only marvel at the gallantry of the 168th Infantry and yourself in the face of overwhelming odds. You and you alone were fighting the entire German armored force of General Rommel and the delay you caused saved the Allied Forces in Southern Tunisia from disaster. Both of you wrote a page in American history for which you can be well proud. The blame for your defeat can only be layed on the shoulders of those who completely failed to come to your support as had been planned."

Taps, Again: Troops in Harm's Way

Too many of our own soldiers - the 34th Infantry Division "Desert Bulls" - have died in the U.S. Central Command theater. We know, from our own experiences in World War II, what it means to lose a fellow Red Bull. To their families, their friends, their comrades of this generation, we present this small remembrance in their honor, in your honor.
We have 'tuned' a prior listing of the casualties of our 1st Brigade Combat Team in Iraq 2006-2007, and added information on the losses within or assigned to our Division Headquarters in Iraq 2009 while in command of the Coalition Force's MultiNational Division South at Basra.
That latter webpage uses text and images from a former website of Div HQ while it was deployed in Iraq.
"May they have no more hills to climb,
nor cold, nor rain, nor mud, nor enemy fire,
and may they now rest in Peace."


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Who Were We?
WW II Order of Battle - 34th Infantry Division

  • Headquarters, 34th Infantry Division
  • 133rd Infantry Regiment
       100th Infantry Battalion (Separate) [assigned Naples-Foggia, Anzio, Rome-Arno]
  • 135th Infantry Regiment
  • 168th Infantry Regiment
       168th Commandos
  • 442nd Regimental Combat Team [attached Rome-Arno]
       442nd Infantry Regiment
          100th Infantry Battalion
       232nd Engineeer (Combat) Company
       442nd Medical Detachment
       522nd Field Artillery Battalion (105mm)
  • 34th Division Artillery
       34th Division Artillery Headquarters and Headquarters Battery
       125th Field Artillery Battalion (105mm)
          (normally in support of the 133rd Inf. Regt.)
       151st Field Artillery Battalion (105mm)
          (normally in support of the 135th Inf. Regt.)
       175th Field Artillery Battalion (105mm)
          (normally in support of the 168th Inf. Regt.)
       185th Field Artillery Battalion (155mm)
  • 34th Cavalry Reconnaissance Troop (Mechanized)
  • 109th Engineer (Combat) Battalion
  • 109th Medical Battalion
  • 34th Division Special Troops
       Headquarters, Special Troops, 34th Division
       34th Infantry Division Headquarters Company
       34th Infantry Division Band
       Military Police Platoon, 34th Division
       34th Counter-Intelligence Detachment [attached]
       34th Quartermaster Company
       34th Signal Company
       734th Ordnance (Light Maintenance) Company

Other Attached Units

  • Jewish Infantry Brigade (attached Occupation)
  • A Company, 2nd Chemical Warfare Battalion (attached Naples-Foggia)
  • 35th Quartermaster War Dog Platoon (attached North Apennines)
  • 38th Infantry Scout Dog Platoon (attached Occupation)
  • 72nd Signal Company (Special) (attached Naples-Foggia)
  • 84th Chemical Mortar Battalion (attached North Apennines)
  • 100th Chemical Mortar Battalion (attached North Apennines, Po Valley)
  • 105th AAA Automatic Weapons Battalion (Self-Propelled) (attached Naples-Foggia)
  • 107th Coast Artillery Battalion (AAA Automatic Weapons) Battalion (attached Tunisia)
  • A Company, 191st Tank Battalion (attached Naples-Foggia)
  • 2nd Battalion, 351st Infantry Regiment (attached North Apennines)
  • 432nd AAA Automatic Weapons Battalion (attached North Apennines)
  • 435th AAA Automatic Weapons Battalion (Self-Propelled) (attached Anzio)
  • 443rd AAA Automatic Weapons Battalion (Self-Propelled) (attached Tunisia)
  • 751st Tank Battalion (attached Tunisia)
  • 752nd Tank Battalion (attached Rome-Arno, North Apennines, Po Valley, Occupation)
  • 753rd Tank Battalion (attached Rome-Arno)
  • 757th Tank Battalion (attached North Apennines)
  • 776th Tank Destroyer Battalion (attached Naples-Foggia)
  • 804th Tank Destroyer Battalion (attached North Apennines)
  • 807th Tank Destroyer Battalion (attached North Apennines)
  • 813th Tank Destroyer Battalion (attached Tunisia)
  • 894th Tank Destroyer Battalion (attached Rome-Arno)
  • and still other units which remain to be found, confirmed, and listed here.

    Special Notes

    The 100th Infantry Battalion (Nisei)(Separate), which stood in for the 2nd Battalion, 133rd Infantry, from September 1943 through May 1944, and the 442nd Infantry Regiment (Nisei) which was attached to our Division from June 1944 through August 1944, have an especially honored place in our memories and history. We are pleased and likewise honored that many of their veterans have come to look upon the "Red Bull" as their 'home' division. That Battalion is now deployed to Iraq!
    The 1st Ranger Battalion, though not a part of the 34th Inf Div, was activated in 1942 with 80% of its personnel coming from this Division.
    I'm delighted to report that I'm finding references to more units which were attached to the Division as I'm transcribing our narrative history documents; they all get recognized above. Please be aware, though, that attachments were often for periods of days or weeks, not for an entire campaign.

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