September 21, 2010

Committee for the Recognition of US Actions on Mount Pantano


I am the chairman and founder of C.R.A.M.P (The Committee for the Recognition of US Actions on Mount Pantano), the committee was formed in 2004 to inform, educate and advance the knowledge of this forgotten battle. We are currently lobbying for a substantial and permanent monument site to be placed at the foot of Mount Pantano honoring the 34th Division on the 70th anniversary of the battle in 2013.

Three weeks ago, a climbing team of committee members climbed Mount Pantano in southern Italy. Our mission, to place a small granite memorial plaque to honor the men of the 168th Regiment, 34th Division. 

The announcement below details the outcome of this endeavor.

Many thanks,

Committee Chairman

Emilio Menchini (UK)

The Committee for the Recognition of US Actions on Mount Pantano would like to announce the placing of a memorial plaque on the summit of Mount Pantano (Knob 1) to honor the brave men of the 168th Regimental Combat Team (34th Division) who fought and died defending this peak from November 29th - December 4th 1943.
The mountain was climbed on August 14th. 2010 by Bill & Anita Mckinley (Madison WI) and Gino Valerio (Glasgow Scotland) on behalf of C.R.A.M.P.

Chairman Emilio Menchini (Wales UK) coordinated the attempt from the Valley floor via radio communication from the nearby villages of Filignano & Cerasuolo.   

Bill Mckinley (vice chairman of CRAMP) read a poem on the mountain top written and published by his late father, Phil Mckinley (B company, 168th Regt.)  

Mount Pantano
(by Phil Mckinley)

 White clouds grazed like sheep across Pantano’s jagged crest,

Herded by the sheperd wind, nor did they wander,

For each kept his appointed course.  Abreast

They nibbled at the Alpine peak, bleak and somber.

But that was yesterday.

Today, a regiment holds the rocky peak,

A battered regiment – bleeding and weak

But to Hitler’s bastards – defiant still.

The orders read: “ Take, secure, and hold this hill.”

Tonight the regiment lies cursing, dying

In mud and snow, but still defying.

Mount Pantano, this battle streamer reads.

To the battle flag, attach it well!

It represents four days in hell.

The C.R.A.M.P committee will continue to lobby and petition for a substantial and permanent monument honouring the 168th & 135th Regiments of the 34th Division for their actions on Mount Pantano in 1943. For further information contact C.R.A.M.P at:

The Committee for the Recognition of US Actions on Mount Pantano

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