September 25, 2010

Johnny Boyd

  I just became familiar with the blog.
Thanks for the information and the videos posted there.
My Dad, Johnny Boyd, was mentioned on the blog and video by Vernon Jackson. He also was mentioned in video by Clair Brich.
My Dad grew up in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, was drafted and for some reason placed in this unit. After the war he returned to the farm he was raised on and that is where I grew up as well.

My Dad passed away in 1991.
I had not thought about these stories my Dad used to share for some time.

Just wondering if either Vernon Jackson or Clair Brich are still alive and if so, do you have any contact information for them.


Stanley Clair Boyd


Glad to hear from you. I forwarded this email to Vernon Jackson and my father Clif Hullinger. Vernon was at the last 109th reunion in September 2010 in Rapid City.

I will post this email on the blog.  If you would like to write some more about your Dad or send some photos I would be glad to post them.

Same holds true for any member of relative of a member of the 109th from World War II

Craig Hullinger

Holy mollie I'm excited! And I'm beginning to appreciate your blog, Craig.
Much to our regret after Johnny died we lost contact completely with the Boyd's. Clair and I felt very close to Johnny and via two visits I made to them in North Carolina, Pine Level, I believe as I recall, and their visits to a couple of 109th reunions and once here to California. I called Johnny, Clair and I the Three Musketeers. Johnny's influence on both Clair and I kept us out of a lot of trouble during the war and Clair even credits me with influencing him to go to college after the war.
At the reunion I learned that Clair's life expectancy now is about 3-6 months with cancer. It's a real heartbreak to me. Please, Stanley Clair, update me on the Boyds. I'll communicate with your namesake, the other Clair, Clair Brich. I suspect your name was chosen because of your folks regard for Clair.
Except for the bad news about Clair Brich, the reunion was wonderful. Eight of us made it, last year only four, plus mates and families, of course.
Apparently you, Stanley, must have access to my autobiography which includes some detail about Johnny. But I would be very happy to have a personal contact with you via email or phone number 805-550-3119. This is a happy day for me.

To:; Clif Hullinger <>; Vernon Jackson <>

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