May 29, 2012

Captured Flag

Captured Nazi Flag

My name is John Fulbright Jr.  My dad, John Fulbright, served with the 109th Combat Engineers in the 34th Division of the 5th Army with your father, Cliff.  I was searching the web for info on the 109th and came across the website you or your dad had set up.  The site really has a lot of great information and, upon discovering it yesterday, I passed a link to it on to my dad.  He plans to spend some time in the coming days checking it out.  Thanks to you and your dad for posting the information for others to see and enjoy.

I am particularly interested in one of the photos that has been posted, the one of the 109th Combat Engineers with the captured Nazi flag. I believe my dad is in the photo on the right holding the flag.

Thank you.


John Fulbright


Hi John:  This is Clif (aka Hoot) Hullinger.   I knew your dad well.  I think we were both involved in that last winter south of Bologna in the mountains.  Then when we broke through, the 34th made a loop to the northwest through Modena (in the news now with an  earthquake) and on to Piacenza to intercept any Germans that had been bypassed in the breakout.  Wasn't he captured for a few days there and was taken over the Po river where they were released when the  German unit was trapped?  

Anyway, we looped back to Balogna and another loop over the Po and west again to near Milan where the German 34th div surrendered to the the US 34th Div.  My name came up for rotation then and I left the 109th  and started my adventure in "flying"  back to the States after over 3 years overseas.  

That picture of the swastika might have been taken after I left.  I have no recollection of it at all. and I am sure I would have remembered it if I had been there.

Pass this on to John Sr.  We did have some interesting times togather.  I have been going back to 109th Bn reunions over the years but we finally called quits this year.  Only 3 men made it.  

Clif Hullinger

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