December 17, 2012

VI Corps Combat Engineers

The 6th Corps has a nice web site on the Combat Engineers. The 34th Division sometimes were close to the 6th Corps.

After the two German divisions came thru the Faid Pass in the eastern Dorsal (a  range of small mountains) and overran the 168 RCT. along with the platoon of 109th Engr. (C. Company] they went  on through Kasserine Pass which went through the Western dorsal which the 19th Eng. (Corps) had been rushed into. I don't think a Regiment (2 or 3 Bn) of Engineers slowed the Germans much!   They turned north and would have been behind us if they hadn't been stopped or were running out of gas.  

After the African campaign we played the 19th RGT. a game of baseball and got thoroughly trounced. I think the Corp Eng.  came along and put in all weather bypasses around blown bridges and maintained the roads back to the port of Naples in Italy. I know our 109th companies couldn't have built the  double triiple Bailey bridge that I saw over the Volturno river when I went over on my one pass to Naples.   

Clif Hullinger

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