February 9, 2017

First Lieutenant LOUIS E. BIANCHETTI

Dear Gentlemen,

I am an Italian relative of First Lieutenant LOUIS E. BIANCHETTI (Company "B" 109th Combat Engineers of the 34th Infantry Division).

I never met him because I am born in December 1954, more than 10 years after his death on the beachhead of Anzio on April 10th 1944.

I am a second degree cousin of him: my grandpa (father of my mother) and his mother were brothers.

I met several times his mother (Mary P. Bianchetti 1892-1987) and sisters when they visited relatives in Italy and I have been the guest of them in 1981 in Wayne-NJ.

I had soberly promised them to promote and keep alive the memory of Louis with the new generations of the “Italian branch of the family“.

I feel very much in debt with him, with his comrades and his family for the Freedom and well being I have enjoyed - and thanks God I am still enjoying - in my life.

Until very recently we did not know - perhaps neither his family - for sure the circumstances in which Louis lost his life in action, until when I have found, after many struggles and research, some notes in the website of 109th Engineers 34th Division: 




(WORLD WAR II 1942 -1945)

BIANCHETTI, LOUIS E. - First Lieutenant - Company "B" - Company Headquarters (New Jersey): 

Lieutenant BIANCHETTI joined the Battalion while it was training in Ireland. It is believed BIANCHETTI was lightly wounded in his left thigh by an artillery shell fragment on or about December 1, 1943, west of Scapula, Italy. BIANCHETTI led quite a few reconnaissance patrols in North Africa and Italy. Lieutenant BIANCHETTI was killed on April 10, 1944, while leading a detail on the Anzio beachhead about five miles northeast of Casale Campomorto, Italy (toward Cisterna di Latina); this village has been renamed Campoverde in 1958. BIANCHETTI and Sgt. Robert A. Harris led a detail to lay mines out in front of Company "C" - 135th Infantry's positions. The detail came under fire, and Sgt. Harris withdrew his men. At that point, they discovered that two of the men from the detail were missing. BIANCHETTI went out with some men to find the two missing men. 

They had just located the missing men when the Germans opened up on the group with machine gun fire. Lieutenant BIANCHETTI was severely wounded in the chest, and Pvt. Joseph King was wounded in the leg. The group withdrew, and was not able to evacuate BIANCHETTI. 

A search party went out the following night to recover Bianchetti's remains. He is buried at the American cemetery near Nettuno, Italy in Plot (J) - Row (6) - Grave (51). These coordinates match with the grave of Bianchetti Louis E. in Nettuno Cemetery

Thanks so much for what you are doing and for any suggestion you would like to provide.

Kindest regards

Paolo Cassina

346.104 63 80

Louis E Bianchetti
First Lieutenant
34th Infantry Division, 109th Engineer Combat Battalion
Plot J Row 6 Grave 51, Sicily-Rome American Cemetery, Nettuno, Italy

 Purple Heart
 Combat Infantryman Badge
 American Campaign Medal
 World War II Victory Medal

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